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Há um tempo atrás comecei a ver o Australia's Next Top Model e fiquei logo agarrada. Quando vi a season 7 fiquei super fã de uma rapariga em especial : a Miss Isabelle Faith ( aka Izzy). A sua imagem peculiar captou logo a minha atenção. Fiquei com curiosidade em saber mais sobre esta rapariga de cabelo rosa e sorriso simpático . Quando comecei a avançar nos episódios comecei a ver que para além da sua imagem chamativa , ela mostrava ser fantástica no "posing" e tirava fotos fantásticas. Fiquei super triste quando vi que ela num dos episódios finais tinha sido eliminada. Como é óbvio era a minha favorita.
Não contente com este final decidi entrar em contato com a Izzy e decidi perguntar-lhe se ela aceitava responder a umas questões. Resultado : A Izzy aceitou e a entrevista será de seguida publicada . Adorei lê-la, o sentido de humor da Izzy é priceless! O que eu adoro e admiro nela são os seus gostos e interesses muito particulares. Adoro pessoas diferentes e interessantes.

A few weeks ago I began to see the Australia's Next Top Model and I was immediately grabbed. When I saw the season 7, I became super fan of one girl in particular: Miss Isabelle Faith (aka Izzy). Her peculiar image caught my attention immediately. I was curious and I wanted to know more about this pink hair girl and friendly smile. When I started to move on with the episodes I also began to see that in addition to her striking image, she proved to be fantastic in "posing" and took great pictures. I was super sad when I saw one of the final episodes where she had been eliminated. She was my favorite, obviously.
Not content with this end at Australia's Next Top Model , I decided to contact Izzy and asked her if she would accept answer some questions. Result: Izzy accepted and I 'll publish the interview right away (english version today, portuguese version tomorrow). I loved reading it, the sense of humor of Izzy is priceless ! What I love and admire in her are her very particular tastes and interests. I love different and interesting people.

Izzy - The Interview!


Name: Isabelle Faith   Date of birth: 26 of July      Nationality:Australian

How did you start modeling?
It's kind of an odd story, I went a very round about way of getting into modeling. Growing up I'd always had adults telling me I should try modeling, because I was so tall, so on a whim I entered a local modeling competition and made it to the state finals. I signed with a local agency in my home town on the Gold Coast, Australia. Not surprisingly, I didn't really book any of the bikini modeling jobs they were sending me out to ( I guess a 6ft, lanky, teenager with black hair and skin that turns red at the mere mention of the word 'sunlight' isn't really what they had in mind when they said 'Beach babe') and I quickly lost interest in modeling. It wasn't until I'd come across more underground photographers like Lithium Picnic and models like Mosh and Apnea, that I became interested in it again. I dyed my hair pink again for the second time in my life and just started shooting with local photographers, with no agenda other than to create interesting images. Once I realized I really enjoyed it and had a bit of a knack for it, I auditioned for Top Model and the rest is history I guess. Somehow I came full circle, starting in mainstream fashion modeling, turning to alternative and then landing back in the fashion world. 
How do you describe your personal style ? What are its influences?
 If I had to explain my style I'd say " Experimental". I'm one of those people that can never commit to just one style, I just love taking elements from all my influences and churning them all together-- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't hahaha. I've always been heavily inspired by Japanese culture, it's street styles and all elements of it's pop culture, I find Tokyo an absolutely fascinating place! But lately I've been very inspired by both current and older british street fashions too. I grew up being surrounded by vintage and pre-loved fashion, as my mum has always owned Boutiques, so retro and vintage elements always creep into my personal style.  

Who is your reference in the fashion industry? Favorite brand / designer?
In terms of modeling, it's always been Gemma Ward. I mean that girl is so ethereal, I hold her on such a pedestal! In terms of designers, there's just SO many! I love the high fashion of McQueen, Mugler and Gaultier  but I think it's just as exciting to see the progression of young designers. Romance was Born, Nixi killick and Emma Mullholland are my favorite emerging Australian labels/designers and I'm constantly in awe of the things they create. My ultimate dream designer to work for though is still Vivienne Westwood <3 <3 <3.

what meant Australia's Next Top Model experience to you? 
 It's funny, the things I got out of the Top Model experience were completely different to the things I THOUGHT I was going to get out of it! By that I mean things like friendships. I really wasn't expecting to get along with the girls as much as I did, but I made life long friends out of it. I shared something with those girls that I'll never experience again, and it really bonded us, I'm still close with most of them. Other than those friendships, I learnt so much about myself and what I can accomplish, and I surprised myself a lot. 

What do you want to accomplish as a model? Honestly I just want to make art. Maybe that sounds cliche, or naive, but really that's the reason I got into it in the first place and I hope to never lose sight of that.

What were your favourite model jobs / works until now ? I don't know it this really counts, but my favorite shoot is still the Couture shoot in Paris with Jez Smith from AusNTM. The styling for all those images was incredible, I seriously had to fight the urge to steal the Manish Arora Kimono I wore!! Plus the location, it was hard to not feel like a princess. Other than that though, I love a shoot thats a challenge. I shot underwater twice last year, and that was so demanding but you know the photos will be worth it in the end. 

Runway or photoshoots? Photoshoots. Well, most of the time hahah. I love the way a photo shoot allows you to get into character and it's more interactive, but when the music's pumping and you're heart's racing before you step out on to a runway, that's a pretty hard feeling to top too. 

Besides fashion  and modelling which are your main interests and goals? I love drawing and painting, I've been   drawing long before I stepped in front of a camera! My interests all revolve around being creative, like customizing clothes or making jewelry. As for my goals, modeling and drawing/designing are my main focus right now. I'm working on a run of t-shirt designs in my down time. Longer term, It's also been a life goal to appear in a David Lynch film----ONE DAY hahah!!

Guilty pleasures? This is really embarrassing, but lately I've been watching old episodes of the 90's kids show "Clarissa Explains it all", but worse still--- Doctor Phil. I know it's terrible, I feel like I'm middle aged, I turn it off the minute I hear my housemates come home :P.  But I just love listening to all of America's problems whilst I'm drawing. 

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would that be? David Lynch. I think the man is an absolute creative genius, his films are these captivating nightmares and you almost can't put your finger on why they're so disturbing, or why you love them so much, despite how twisted they are. So David Lynch. Or Sailor Moon.  I really wanted to say I'd meet Sailor Moon, but I though that might sound silly hahah.  

Favorite movie?  I have to pick one?! Argh.  "The Royal Tenenbaums"... and "Redline", it's animated so I can have that too.  

Tune of the moment for you? The acoustic version of "Be Quiet and Drive" by Deftones and Burial's remix of "Wayfaring Stranger"

Favorite dish? Apple Crumble + Custard. Oh man!

Favorite painting? Another hard one! At the moment, I'm enamored with James Jean's 'Fables' Covers art book. I can't pick one, the whole book is worth buying hehehe! 

What's The most beautiful place you’ve been? The Golden temple, Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto was pretty special to see in person.

What was the last dream you remember? Have I mentioned I keep a dream diary? Haha I sound like such a weirdo. Most of my dreams are more like nightmares, but the last one I remember vividly, I was in some beautiful city with Jim Carrey, and in the dull glow of the streetlight, he leaned in to kiss me. It would have been romantic I guess, if not for the fact that he was absolutely terrible at kissing, and I spent the remainder of what I remember of the dream trying to coach him on not putting his tongue on my nose. I told my boyfriend about that dream. He didn't appreciate it. :P 

What do you like the most about yourself? I don't know?? I like the way I pose my hands in photographs and I like my sense of humour, not because I'm necessarily funny or anything, but being able to joke and see the funny side of things makes the passage of life a lot easier.  

You can’t live without ... My Boyfriend, my bunnies and my coffee! 
Thank you so much for the interview, my dear Izzy! I'm anxious waiting for your future works. You're so talented ! You really have a fan from Portugal , right here :).

Some of my favorite photos from Izzy :

photoshoot in Paris Manish Arora Kimono referenced  above
one of the fantastic underwater shoots referenced above
for more :

Instagram: @Izzyvoodoo

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